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There is something for everyone at D Fly Fitness. D Fly Fitness Studio is a one-stop studio to try different types of classes ranging from Aerial Fitness and Floor Yoga Classes to other classes like Pilates and Dance Classes.  

Are you interested in our classes but new to D Fly Fitness? Learn How to Book A Class here.

Aerial Yoga


Aerial Yoga (Basic) is suitable for anyone who is new to aerial yoga. Here, students will learn the fundamentals of aerial yoga. Once students master the basics and fundamental yoga poses, they will be ready to join the beginner class.

Aerial Yoga


Poses that some find difficult to do on the ground may be easier mid-air by using the hammock. Students will be guided through a dynamic flow of postures to achieve psychological and physical benefits such as improving flexibility and balancing, healing spinal issues, and relieving stress. The class is suitable for beginner students.

Aerial Yoga


Aerial Yoga (Intermediate) is suitable for those who have mastered the basics and beginner classes of aerial yoga and would like to be more challenged. Students will learn more advanced combinations of moves on the hammock, significantly increasing their strength and flexibility.

Aerial Yoga Flow


The Aerial Yoga Flow (Dance) class is a class that moves with fluidity and links poses together. Students will learn flow sequences and postures to hold their balance while improving mind-body awareness.

Aerial Hoop


Aerial Hoop features a circular hula-hoop suspended from the ceiling. Dancers may perform acrobatic moves on the hoop. Sessions are thought to develop our students' strength, flexibility, and beautiful lines with dynamic moves.

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